Aggressive Criminal Defense Attorneys

At Plumides, Romano, Johnson & Cacheris, PC, we take an aggressive, strategic approach to criminal defense. We begin with the idea that each case is going to trial. By preparing cases for trial, we work through each detail upfront.

This allows us to prepare motions and pretrial work early so we can use it to negotiate with the prosecution. In some cases, the pretrial work reveals information that allows us to argue for the reduction or dismissal of the charges. If appropriate to the case, we work with experts in areas such as forensic evidence, DNA, fingerprints, computer forensics and psychiatry.

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What Type Of Charges Are You Facing?

We represent North Carolina residents and visitors who are charged with felony and misdemeanor crimes in our state. Our extensive criminal defense practice includes:

Can You Get Out On Bond?

It is important to have representation early in your case so bond/bail may be addressed. Depending on the charges, defendants typically have a right to bail/bond. Often a magistrate may have set a bond amount shortly after arrest. The prosecutor will give his or her bond recommendation at the hearing and the judge decides whether to grant, reduce or increase the bond amount. It is important to have aggressive, experienced representation to get a bond or a reduction as soon as possible so the defendant can have a chance of getting out of jail as soon as possible after arrest.

We represent defendants at their first court appearance and try to get a bond hearing as soon as possible. We will make a very prepared and aggressive argument as to why the defendant should be given bond/bail or a significant reduction of bond/bail.

Our Track Record

You can rely on a team led by Greg Plumides and John Cacheris for highly experienced representation in North Carolina criminal law. Greg serves as the co-chairman of the Mecklenburg County Criminal Defense Lawyers Association and is also on the Mecklenburg County Criminal Courts Rules Committee and Mecklenburg County Criminal Courts Committee.

Throughout his career, John Cacheris has successfully litigated numerous cases and countless bench and jury trials. He is a permanent member of the 4th Circuit judicial conference as well as the North Carolina Advocates for Justice. He has received numerous awards and honors for his work, including the 10 Best Client Satisfaction Award from the American Institute of Criminal Law Attorneys.

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Often, defendants are indicted when charged with a felony and go straight to superior court. We can file a motion for a bond/bail hearing as soon as possible. This can often help in getting important information about the strength of the state's/government's case.