Strong Defense Against Larceny Charges

Shoplifting, unlawful concealment and other types of larceny are more serious crimes than many people realize. Even nonviolent theft crimes can have harsh penalties. Additionally, a conviction for any crime can negatively affect your opportunities in the future. Employers may be especially reluctant to hire someone with a theft crime conviction on his or her record.

The penalties for larceny will vary depending on the value of stolen goods, the manner in which they were stolen and the defendant's prior record. It is important to speak with an experienced, aggressive criminal defense lawyer to ensure your rights are protected.

Plumides, Romano, Johnson & Cacheris, PC, has defended people against theft crimes charges in North Carolina for more than 50 years. We can also defend you against charges of possessing or receiving stolen goods. We know what penalties you will face if you are convicted and how they may affect your life.

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Theft From A Merchant And Shoplifting

Theft of goods valued at more than $1,000 is typically a Class H felony. Theft of goods valued at or less than $1,000 is typically a misdemeanor offense. We can examine your case to determine whether the charges are appropriate.

Larceny from a merchant is a Class H felony if the stolen goods have a value of more than $200 and the person used an exit door meant to deter theft and that has a notice providing information about the felony.

Shoplifting or unlawful concealment of merchandise is a common offense for adults and juveniles. You can be charged with concealment if you are caught with merchandise while still in the store. Concealment is usually a misdemeanor.

If you are charged with a fourth larceny offense, you may be charged with habitual larceny (a felony), regardless of the dollar amount of the goods stolen. In these cases, you can be sentenced to Class H felony penalties if convicted of habitual larceny (as a status offender), even if you were charged with misdemeanor larceny offenses.

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