Resolving Traffic Violations

Traffic tickets. Pesky? Yes. Costly? Potentially. Whether it's a speeding ticket, reckless driving, a citation for driving after revocation or another offense, a simple traffic violation can result in a stiff fine, suspension or revocation of your driving privileges, even jail time and sizeable increases in your auto insurance rates.

If a traffic ticket has you stressed out and in need of assistance, contact the skilled professionals at Plumides, Romano, Johnson & Cacheris, PC. The firm has been handling matters in North Carolina traffic court for more than 50 years and has handled thousands of traffic tickets/citations of people just like you throughout Charlotte and surrounding areas. We have helped them resolve their traffic citations/ticket issues with a minimum of hassle and expense.

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What Type Of Citation Or Violation Are You Facing?

Our North Carolina attorneys can assist you in regard to a wide range of traffic-related matters, including:

  • Speeding tickets, in many cases, can be handled by our office without you ever having to go to court. Your first appearance in court can often take three hours or more only to result in having to come back to court again. After speaking with one of our associates, you may simply fax or email us your ticket and we'll handle the rest.
  • North Carolina speeding law is strict and if your violation is 15 mph over the limit of 55, or 10 mph over the limit of 70, you could lose your license. Bottom line: Getting help from a North Carolina traffic court attorney is a smart idea.
  • Running a stop sign, running a red light, failure to stop for school bus
  • Driving while license revoked or suspended
  • Reckless driving, careless driving, aggressive driving
  • DWI/DUI, open container of alcohol

Get The Help You Need

Dealing with traffic tickets can be a major headache, from taking time off work to go to court, to paying fines and possibly losing your license, the consequences of these seemingly minor offenses can be serious. Let us help you manage the situation and do what is most favorable for you. We have the knowledge and experience you need.

Contact us today for consultation. We may be able to help you avoid harsh penalties and get the most serious charges against you reduced. Flexible appointment times, including evenings and weekends, are available. Our fees are very reasonable, and we accept major credit cards.

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