Modifying Child Custody Arrangements

Parents know that it is hard to predict what will happen in their children's lives. No one can say what a child's needs will be at age 15 when the child is only five years old. For divorced or single parents living under a child custody and visitation order, the law does allow for changes in certain situations.

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Does Your Situations Warrant A Modification?

North Carolina courts will only modify a custody order if there has been a substantial and material change in circumstances that affects the well-being and best interests of the children. Common examples of these substantial changes include:

  • A parent needs to or wants to relocate for employment or educational opportunities
  • The child's school schedule changes
  • One parent is abusive or is abusing substances
  • The child's school performance declines while in the custody of one parent
  • A parent suffers from a serious injury or illness that prevents him or her from being a primary provider
  • The teenage child expresses a wish to spend more time with the other parent

Because you will have to provide ample evidence that your children's needs have changed, it is important to work with experienced attorneys. Partners Richard Johnson and Michael Romano are board-certified family law specialists.

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