High-Asset Divorce

High net worth divorces are very complex and require experienced legal counsel to ensure your best interests are protected. At Plumides, Romano, Johnson & Cacheris, PC, in Charlotte, our lawyers have a history of over 50 years of combined legal experience addressing and resolving high-asset divorce matters.

We are well-equipped to handle all high-asset divorce issues in your case, including issues involving prenuptial or postnuptial agreements, property division, retirement benefits and business concerns.

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How Will Your Finances Be Affected?

Financial matters are a grave concern for many of our clients. We know how divorce can impact your financial outlook now and in the future. Our diligent preparation and experience as trial lawyers helps us develop a strategic plan to protect your best interests.

"Gregory Plumides was very professional, knowledgeable and efficient. He helped me settle all of my divorce matters. I highly recommend his services." — Former divorce client.

Every situation is unique and deserves our undivided attention. We will work with experts to uncover any hidden assets and to obtain proper valuations for your business and retirement plans. This helps us ensure you are getting your fair share during property division negotiations.

Handling Complex Property Division

Property division laws and guidelines can have a significant impact on your financial goals. We will explain how certain laws will affect the division of your assets and what options are available to help you still achieve your financial goals.

High net worth issues can complicate the divorce process. Our law firm will provide knowledgeable advice you can trust. To get in touch with an experienced North Carolina attorney, call our office or complete the brief online form.