The Do's And Don'ts Of Divorce

A divorce is a confusing, emotional time. You will face many questions about what your new life will look like. This is important to think about. Unfortunately, many people make rash, emotional decisions that can have long-lasting negative effects.

As a client of Plumides, Romano, Johnson & Cacheris, PC, in Charlotte you can rely on our attorneys to help you get through all of the complex legal matters with your interests intact. To help yourself, keep these simple facts in mind:

DO: Be Honest And Thorough With Your Attorney

Your attorney is your advocate. If you try to conceal any assets or embarrassing information that could come up in court, you will be making it harder for your attorney to do his job. Provide your attorney with as much information as possible about your marriage.

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DON'T: Disobey A Court Order

Family court judges in North Carolina do not look kindly on people who try to take the law into their own hands. If your spouse is late on child support payments, do not deny parenting time. Instead, tell your lawyer, and let him help you decide how to proceed within the law.

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DO: Learn Your Finances

If you are contemplating divorce, it is important to get a full understanding of your financial picture. It will make it easier to determine if your spouse is concealing assets. Additionally, it will help you plan for the future after the divorce is final.

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DON'T: Pit Your Children Against Your Spouse

No matter how upset you are with your spouse, do not use your children as a sounding board. It is important to try to limit their exposure to the divorce so that they can maintain as normal of a life as possible. The law recognizes that children benefit from strong relationships with both parents, and if you try to undermine it there could be negative consequences for you and your children.

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DO: Focus On Your Children

This is a difficult time for them, and they will have to make many adjustments. Keeping their best interests as your top priority will likely help them adjust better to their new life.

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DON'T: Agree To Everything Without Talking To An Attorney

Many people just want to get through a divorce as soon as possible or want to agree to just get it over with. Unfortunately, that could mean agreeing to something without considering all of the consequences. Even if you and your spouse are working amicably on a settlement, let your own attorney review any proposed settlement and walk you through all of the potential outcomes. Your long-term financial health could depend on it.

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