Testimonials and Reviews for PRJC Law

At Plumides, Romano, Johnson & Cacheris, PC, we work hard to keep the client's needs at the forefront. We are proud to list some of the generous testimonials we have received. We are always interested in your feedback. We encourage you to leave a review on Google, AVVO or Facebook by using the links at the bottom of the page.

Testimonials and Reviews:

I have only the best compliments for John Cacheris. He is a fanatic person and an excellent drive to help his clients as best he is able. He has a family history in law and is extremely humble. He is caring and genuine, something unusual (unfortunately) to see in an attorney who specializes in divorce. John is well versed in law and the divorce process. I recommend (and have recommended) him without reservation!
~Lianne Hofer, The Clutter Consultant

faded ends

I had the unfortunate experience of enduring a long drawn out divorce process. We initially went to a non-attorney mediator and reached agreement. However, my ex began to breach the agreement - mostly with the custody of our 2 children. I had very little recourse - I could only sue for breach of contract. There was no teeth to the mediator's agreement - it was a complete waste of money.

John Cacheris was referred to me by a friend . John and his team made this frustrating process bearable. They shot me straight, didn't play games and were not about bashing my ex - just to make me feel good. They were realistic with their advice and guidance. Most impressive of all - they had no interest in drawing my case out, creating delays or milking money out of me. They were very personable, but all about business and willing/ready to throw down for me - they made me feel very comfortable and "safe" in their hands.

If you are facing divorce I highly recommend giving them a call.


faded ends

Recently, it became necessary to find out my legal rights regarding a medical situation. I was very upset and can't thank John enough for his calm, reassuring manner. I am so grateful for his kindness, expertise, and the speed at which he got back with me. I would recommend him to anyone needing help on a legal situation.................Reita

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After being involved in an auto accident, I contacted Greg Plumides. Choosing him to represent me turned out to be a great decision on my part! He and his paralegal, Kristin, kept me updated and informed as they searched out every avenue to be considered in the case. I ended up with much more of a settlement from the other party then I ever expected. Greg and Kristin were caring and honest, and truly looked out for my best interest. I would highly recommend Greg Plumides law offices to anyone.~ Annie

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"Mr. Plumides took my case and made me see it different which has made me different. In court and out he is caring, professional, and treated me with the utmost respect. I was facing more than I thought I could handle and somehow he reduced that by his knowledge and wisdom and not giving up by keeping in touch with me and visiting me. He is honest and caring and always ON TIME!!! Thank you again Mr. Plumides. I would recommend you to anyone searching for someone to take their case." - Clinton

faded ends

"John Cacheris and his team were able to help me during a very difficult time in a professional, caring and expedited matter, I would definitely recommend his services to anyone" ~A.

"I used Richard B. Johnson for 7yrs and was always happy...We had to go to court 3 times and each time we WON...he was never nervous going in. He knew what he was doing and informed me on everything...Thank you Mr. Johnson." ~Miriam

"I love the team approach! Having all the attorneys in the practice, brainstorming and working to my benefit is a bit plus!" ~Shirley

"From the moment I met with Mr. Plumides, I knew I found a good attorney - one who was HONEST and truly cared about me and my situation. I was going through a divorce and I had used two other attorneys over the period of a year and half who were dishonest, and only interested in padding their own wallets. Mr. Plumides told me like it was, the TRUTH....He was always professional and his paralegal , Kristin, was excellent as well, and kept on top of everything. They both worked together as a team! His fees were reasonable and I didn't feel like he was "padding" every bill - just the exact opposite! He was extremely fair and truly has a heart of gold. At the end of a divorce or any other situation, most people dislike their attorney - I can honestly say that I think Mr. Plumides is a wonderful person and I was truly lucky to have met him!!!!!!!" ~Susan

"Greg was very good to me through a traumatic year of waiting for court personnel, for doing nothing more than a fender bender in a grocery parking lot. Then being accused of a DUI two hours later by aggressive law enforcement in my own home. My only mistake was allowing my cell phone to interfere with a quick response, to a minor bump. Greg was a great lawyer and so well-versed in his field. He "tells it like it is". I would definitely put my trust in him again!" ~Lin

"Richard took my case at the last minute, easy to reach throughout the process and happy to help wait my EX out until a deal was able to be reached." ~Jon

"Greg Plumides represented me in my DWI case. I was completely blown away at how patient he was regarding the strategy we took. Greg always knew what to do and when to do it. When it came time for court he was properly prepared and we won our case when everybody was telling me their was no way I was going to win. I would recommend Greg and Plumides Law Office to anyone." ~Stewart

"Mr. Cacheris was instrumental in a contract negotiation/review. He is very efficient and reasonably priced. He is passionate about his cases and his career as an attorney." ~Paula C.

"If your looking for an honest, reliable attorney to represent you, that keeps your best interest at the forefront look no further, you've found him. Mr. Plumides is an excellent attorney that is very easy to work with and who will go the extra mile for his clients. "I wouldn't consider using any other attorney after my pleasant experiences with Gregory Plumides." ~David

"Gregory Plumides was very professional, knowledgeable and efficient ! Very experienced Attorney !
He helped me to settle all my Divorce matters.
I highly recommend his services." ~Wilson