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How to prepare for life in a blended family

There may be many financial issues that North Carolina divorced parents who are remarrying have to think about when combining their families. Parents who may have more money or may be bringing more assets into the marriage may need to figure out how to use those resources in a fair manner. In some cases, those assets may have been meant to provide for that person's biological child. However, it may not be fair to ignore the needs of a new spouse's biological child.

Obtaining custody of a sibling

If both biological parents of a North Carolina child die, or if they are not fit to care for the child for some reason, an older sibling might want to get custody. In order to do this, the sibling must be at least 18 and legally emancipated.

Posting bail in North Carolina

North Carolina residents who are taken into custody on criminal charges are usually anxious to regain their freedom as soon as possible, and this generally involves posting some sort of bail. The judges who oversee arraignment hearings take several factors into consideration before setting bail, but their chief concern is whether or not the defendant poses a flight risk. This is because bail is set to ensure that criminal defendants appear at their trials. Bail is not ordered to punish defendants and it does not necessarily reflect the severity of the crime or crimes involved.

What is abandonment?

When it comes to divorce, North Carolina is a no-fault state. That doesn’t mean that certain behaviors won’t weigh heavily on the judge’s mind when it comes to ancillary issues. One of those actions is “abandonment.” But what exactly is abandonment?

Defining a speedy trial

The Sixth Amendment gives people in North Carolina and around the country the right to a speedy jury trial. Furthermore, a defendant must be tried in front of an impartial jury who finds that person guilty beyond all reasonable doubt. In most cases, the word speedy means a reasonable amount of time after a person is charged and taken into custody. However, a reasonable amount of time may depend on the facts and other circumstances of a case itself.

Helping children through a divorce

Parents in North Carolina and elsewhere around the country that are going through a divorce are likely worried about how their children are going to deal with the situation. There are several ways that people can help their kids cope with divorce.

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