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Tips for preparing for divorce

People in Charlotte who are considering divorce may want to first spend some time thinking about whether they are making the right choice. Doing research into state law around divorce may help with making the decision. People should also think about their personal and financial goals and how the divorce will affect them.

Financial issues for divorced women

Financial surprises are likely to be in store for women in South Carolina who get a divorce. A survey of 1,785 women showed that for 46 percent of divorced women, their divorce resulted in unexpected financial developments.

Financial reasons for divorce

There are many different reasons couples in North Carolina may get a divorce. However, according to multiple studies, the primary reason for divorce in the United States are issues with money. Couples may benefit from learning about some of the common money problems that can occur in a marriage and what steps they should take to overcome those problems.

Parental alienation: A risk to your relationship with your kids

As you and your spouse head for divorce, you know that the only thing that matters to is to keep your relationship with your children as strong as possible. You understand that the marriage has to end, but you love those kids. You do not want to see them drift away, even as you share custody with your ex.

Parents should consider children in creating parenting schedules

Creating a parenting schedule is an integral part of the child custody process for Charlotte residents who are not with their child's other parent. It's about showing the child a willingness to work together as much as it's about dividing the responsibilities of child custody. When it comes to developing a parenting plan, it's important to keep the child's perspective in mind, consider logistics, account for the child's schedule and possibly involve the child in the process.

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