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October 2018 Archives

Safety officials urge adoption of drugged driving standards

People in North Carolina may see escalated attempts to arrest and prosecute people for driving under the influence of drugs, especially as an increasing number of people advocate for legalized cannabis. The decriminalization movement that has spread across the country sparked warnings from the National Transportation Safety Board, or NTSB. There are no clear standards indicating what level of drug exposure could indicate impaired driving. In addition, there are no standardized devices that police can use to detect the level of drug exposure in a person's bloodstream.

The role of money in divorce

More than one-third of respondents to a SunTrust Bank survey reported that the main conflict in their marriage was over money. The Federal Reserve Board reports that couples who have similar credit scores are more likely to stay together than those whose scores show a greater disparity. People with higher credit scores are also more likely to remain in a committed relationship. Despite this, there is also some evidence that wealth makes people in Charlotte and around the country more likely to divorce.

Determining alimony in North Carolina divorce cases

Divorcing couples in North Carolina and around the country are often unclear about how alimony is calculated. This is a contentious issue that can derail divorce negotiations and lead to protracted legal battles, but understanding why alimony is ordered and how judges approach the matter could help spouses to avoid this pitfall. Discussing the topic unemotionally is especially important when the spouse initiating divorce proceedings will be receiving alimony payments or one spouse earns considerably more than the other.

Study looks at link between workplace and divorce

Farmers and librarians in the Charlotte area may be among the least likely people to get a divorce while people who work in restaurants and hotels may be among the most. A study by researchers at Stockholm University that appeared in Biology Letters on Sept. 25 looked at the connection between a person's workplace and divorce and found that these were the professions with the highest and lowest divorce rates.

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