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November 2018 Archives

How courts may handle parental disputes during divorce

Parents in Charlotte who are getting a divorce might think that, if they feel their child is unsafe with the other parent because of alcohol or drug abuse, it will be easy to get a court to act. However, the process is not always that straightforward.

'Birdnesting' could be an innovative approach to joint custody

Many divorced parents in North Carolina take time to consider how to best provide their children with a sense of stability. There are a number of custody options that people can consider, and joint or shared custody is perhaps more popular than ever. One alternative type of shared custody option is called "birdnesting." It means that the kids remain in the family home while each parent moves out on a rotating basis.

Custody and visitation rights for fathers

Unmarried or divorced fathers in Charlotte might struggle to get the custody arrangement they want with their children. Over 80 percent of custodial parents are mothers, and this suggests that courts still favor them in child custody cases. Fathers may also fall behind on child support or be blocked from seeing their children altogether if the mother files a protection order.

North Carolina seniors: divorce and divisions can be amicable

The Pew Research Center reports that the divorce rate among older Americans has doubled and even tripled for some age groups over the last 30 years. When it comes to divorce, it can be a lengthier process for seniors because they typically have more complex assets to divide. However, older couples may try to part ways on friendly terms. By following a few tips regarding financial decisions, couples could make the situation end on a more positive note.

The Relationship Between Drunk Driving and Divorce

Driving under the influence of alcohol is a problem not just in Charlotte, North Carolina, but also across the United States. The problem has become such a societal burden that Utah has decided to lower its blood alcohol concentration limit to .05%, departing from the .08% limit enacted across much of the country. Additionally, many advocates for safer driving conditions are championing efforts to enforce stricter drunk driving laws and strengthen penalties to include the mandatory installation and monitoring of interlock devices on vehicles operated by offenders.

Should I answer a law enforcement officer's questions?

A law enforcement officer comes to your home and knocks on the front door. You know that you don't have to let them into your house without a warrant, but you step outside to talk to them. You can tell they are suspicious -- there is another officer standing back by the squad car, watching you -- and they start asking you some potentially serious questions.

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