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Attempting to hide assets before a divorce could hurt your case

Many couples in North Carolina have spent years developing substantial marital estates. During your marriage, you could find yourself buying a home, funding a retirement account and otherwise accruing valuable assets. Eventually, though, your marriage starts showing signs of serious problems. You know you're likely going to be headed toward divorce court in the near future.

A child support modification could save you money, stress

Paying child support may not be something you mind, as you realize the money is going toward your child living a better life. However, just because you can pay child support today doesn't mean this will remain the case in the future. There is a chance that your situation could change, leading you to struggle to keep up with payments.

You've decided to divorce - now what?

If the day has finally come that you and your spouse have decided to call it quits, you might be wondering what to do next. Should you move out of your house in Charlotte? What marital property should you fight to keep at all costs? How will you possibly get the divorce and be able to start over?

Divorce tips from people who’ve been there

Divorce often catches people by surprise. For some, it comes completely out of nowhere. For others, it is something they suspected but did not truly expect. If you are suddenly facing divorce, you might be wondering what you should do or how you should handle it.

Should I take the breathalyzer test or not?

One moment, you're headed home from work, errands or a social event. The next, you're standing at the side of the road, trying to convince a law enforcement officer that it's safe and legal for you to be behind the wheel. Impairment while driving can put anyone else on the road at risk, so it's no surprise that North Carolina law enforcement officials do their best to deter impaired driving. That can mean a lot of frustration and inconvenience for law-abiding citizens.

How is child support calculated by the court?

As you move through the divorce process, you know you will have to deal with a variety of questions and concerns. If you have at least one child with the other individual, it's safe to assume that questions regarding child support and custody will move to the forefront.

A legal separation can make your divorce easier

If you are thinking about ending your marriage, you may be wondering if you should have a legal separation in place while your divorce is in process. While some couples separate for a time and either move forward with a divorce or try to reconcile, these are usually not cases of legal separation. When you opt for a legal separation, you will have to obtain a court approved agreement that details the terms of the separation.

What is abandonment?

When it comes to divorce, North Carolina is a no-fault state. That doesn’t mean that certain behaviors won’t weigh heavily on the judge’s mind when it comes to ancillary issues. One of those actions is “abandonment.” But what exactly is abandonment?

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