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Child custody decisions can be affected by living arrangements

When a North Carolina parent is preparing to seek child custody, they should be aware of how their living arrangements could affect the outcome of their hearing. In fact, courts often base decisions about child custody and visitation at least in part on the parent's living circumstances. While standards may vary as to what is acceptable, there are certain factors to keep in mind when preparing for a custody hearing.

How courts may handle parental disputes during divorce

Parents in Charlotte who are getting a divorce might think that, if they feel their child is unsafe with the other parent because of alcohol or drug abuse, it will be easy to get a court to act. However, the process is not always that straightforward.

'Birdnesting' could be an innovative approach to joint custody

Many divorced parents in North Carolina take time to consider how to best provide their children with a sense of stability. There are a number of custody options that people can consider, and joint or shared custody is perhaps more popular than ever. One alternative type of shared custody option is called "birdnesting." It means that the kids remain in the family home while each parent moves out on a rotating basis.

Custody and visitation rights for fathers

Unmarried or divorced fathers in Charlotte might struggle to get the custody arrangement they want with their children. Over 80 percent of custodial parents are mothers, and this suggests that courts still favor them in child custody cases. Fathers may also fall behind on child support or be blocked from seeing their children altogether if the mother files a protection order.

Parents should consider children in creating parenting schedules

Creating a parenting schedule is an integral part of the child custody process for Charlotte residents who are not with their child's other parent. It's about showing the child a willingness to work together as much as it's about dividing the responsibilities of child custody. When it comes to developing a parenting plan, it's important to keep the child's perspective in mind, consider logistics, account for the child's schedule and possibly involve the child in the process.

Why joint legal custody may be the right choice for some parents

When parents in Charlotte get a divorce, they might share legal custody even if they do not split physical custody. Legal custody gives parents the right to make decisions about important issues in their children's lives, such as schooling, religion and health care.

Definitions of child custody and visitation

A divorced Charlotte parent might have visitation or custody rights. If the parent has visitation rights, this means the parent has the right to spend time with the child, but the child does not live with the parent. The child lives with the parent who has physical custody rights.

Creating rules for two homes after a divorce

North Carolina parents who are going through a divorce will have to figure out a co-parenting agreement. One of the challenges families face is dealing with two different sets of house rules. While this may not seem like a big deal, having different standards in each home can be confusing for children.

Tips for co-parenting with a difficult former spouse

Parents in Charlotte who are divorced might struggle in co-parenting with a former spouse. However, if the conflict is largely between the parents and not the result of serious problems such as domestic abuse, one parent might be able to take action to improve the situation.

Parenthood increasingly central to dads' lives

For Charlotte fathers, parenthood is becoming increasingly central to their personal identity and sense of self. The concept of fatherhood in the United States has gone through strong shifts in the past several decades, with a turn toward highly active involvement in care and child-rearing.

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