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The Relationship Between Drunk Driving and Divorce

Driving under the influence of alcohol is a problem not just in Charlotte, North Carolina, but also across the United States. The problem has become such a societal burden that Utah has decided to lower its blood alcohol concentration limit to .05%, departing from the .08% limit enacted across much of the country. Additionally, many advocates for safer driving conditions are championing efforts to enforce stricter drunk driving laws and strengthen penalties to include the mandatory installation and monitoring of interlock devices on vehicles operated by offenders.

Determining alimony in North Carolina divorce cases

Divorcing couples in North Carolina and around the country are often unclear about how alimony is calculated. This is a contentious issue that can derail divorce negotiations and lead to protracted legal battles, but understanding why alimony is ordered and how judges approach the matter could help spouses to avoid this pitfall. Discussing the topic unemotionally is especially important when the spouse initiating divorce proceedings will be receiving alimony payments or one spouse earns considerably more than the other.

Study looks at link between workplace and divorce

Farmers and librarians in the Charlotte area may be among the least likely people to get a divorce while people who work in restaurants and hotels may be among the most. A study by researchers at Stockholm University that appeared in Biology Letters on Sept. 25 looked at the connection between a person's workplace and divorce and found that these were the professions with the highest and lowest divorce rates.

Why some couples might want a prenuptial agreement

Before getting married, soon-to-be spouses in Charlotte might want to consider the benefits of getting a prenuptial agreement. Despite its negative reputation, a prenup can actually open the lines of communication for a couple. For a prenup to be valid, both people must get legal counsel, and neither may conceal any financial assets.

More older Americans choose divorce

The face of divorce for people in North Carolina and around the country may be a young couple. However, it is becoming increasingly common for couples in the baby boomer generation and older to choose divorce. Since 1990, the divorce rate among Americans aged 50 and up has doubled. In the same period, the same rate for people aged 65 and older has tripled. There is a wide range of factors that can contribute to this seemingly surprising fact about older Americans' marital relationships.

Divorce rates connected to wedding date choices

People in Charlotte planning for their weddings and setting a date for the marriage rarely think about divorce during the occasion. There are a number of reasons why people may choose a particular wedding date; in some cases, it is convenient for the couple's family and friends, and in other cases, it marks an anniversary or other significant occasion. Couples may even choose a wedding date in order to save on their venue costs. However, couples who choose a romantic holiday or other particular date for their wedding may have a higher likelihood of divorce down the line. This is reflected in the findings of one study conducted by researchers at the University of Melbourne.

Crafting a divorce settlement later in life

Those who divorce at an older age generally don't argue over child custody or child support matters. Instead, the primary issue is how to divide assets in an equitable manner. Specifically, most older couples tend to spend most of their time determining how to divide a retirement account such as an IRA or 401(k). In some divorce cases, a couple may choose to divide the money in the account 50/50.

Tips for preparing for divorce

People in Charlotte who are considering divorce may want to first spend some time thinking about whether they are making the right choice. Doing research into state law around divorce may help with making the decision. People should also think about their personal and financial goals and how the divorce will affect them.

Financial issues for divorced women

Financial surprises are likely to be in store for women in South Carolina who get a divorce. A survey of 1,785 women showed that for 46 percent of divorced women, their divorce resulted in unexpected financial developments.

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