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Tips for protecting finances in a divorce

When Charlotte couples are getting a divorce, they might need to take steps to protect their finances. If a person is leaving an abusive relationship, there may be extra steps such as securing any valuables. Even in non-abusive relationships, people should document valuables by getting copies of information on accounts and photographing any valuable objects.

Trusts and adult children

Some estate holders in North Carolina may have concerns about leaving assets to their adult children. Individuals who lack financial maturity and are bequeathed assets outright may squander an inheritance. In such a situation, setting up a trust may be a wise move.

When entrepreneurs get a divorce

The process of property division in a divorce could be complicated for entrepreneurs in Charlotte. Tech startup founders might invest so much time in building the startup that the marriage suffers, leading to divorce. The startup could be worth a considerable amount of money, and the other spouse could be entitled to take some of it.

Collecting SSA benefits on an former spouse's earnings

When parties to a divorce in Charlotte think of dividing retirement benefits, assets such as pensions, 401k accounts and IRAs are normally the things considered. Many people do not realize that Social Security Benefits are also benefits an ex-spouse can receive.

Dividing retirement accounts in divorce: Avoid pitfalls

Many couples in North Carolina try to handle their own divorces without legal help. While couples are able to get divorced on their own, they should be careful when they have retirement accounts and pensions that need to be divided.

What to do if money is transferred from a joint account

If North Carolina couples have money in a joint bank account, that money may be considered marital property. Therefore, if a spouse moved funds from that account into a CD or other type of account in his or her name only, it may not change the nature of that money. It may also be important to ask the bank to verify where the money was actually moved to.

Awarded alimony? Then prepare to keep track of the payments

Alimony, also known as spousal support, can be a critical element to any divorce. However, it is not guaranteed to be involved in any given divorce. Each state handles alimony differently, but in most cases, a complex formula or a judge's ruling (based on many different factors such as the length of the marriage, the health of the spouses and the professional prospects of the spouses) will determine if alimony should be used or not.

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